I frequently write about music, technology, literature, games, media, culture, gender, sports, and the intersections of all these things. Please contact me if you are interested in obtaining a piece of writing for reference, use in a class, or just for your own reading enjoyment.

  • "Defining the Gothic Female Through the Works of Poe, Le Fanu, Gaskell, and Gilman"
  • "Dick Dale and the Endless Summer"
  • "Equestrianism at the 2016 Olympics"
  • "Gestalt Perception and Mysticism in the Music of Giacinto Scelsi"
  • "Kaiho: Longing and Loss in Finnish War Music"
  • "The Medical Implications of the Post-Human Condition"
  • "Post-Humanism in the Art Music Tradition"
  • "Sibelius as Lament Singer," Master's thesis
  • "The War of the Worlds as a Harbinger of Fin-de-Siècle Terror"