Photo: The Product Division
Photo: The Product Division


I am a composer of contemporary art music. My work frequently has a strong narrative component and is primarily concerned with exploring space through disparate textures and tunings.


As a saxophonist I specialize in new music, French Romantic music, and music of the Baroque era. In an effort to expand the repertoire, I've also commissioned and premiered several new works. I also perform on piano and Baroque recorder.


When not creating music, I am working full-time in the board game industry as a publisher, developer, and marketer. I'm privileged to work for a family of companies that includes Starling Games, Sparkworks, Flying Meeple, and PolyHero Dice.


I frequently write about music, technology, literature, games, media, culture, gender, sports, and the intersections of all these things. 

Please contact me if you are interested in obtaining a piece of writing for reference, use in a class, or just for your own reading enjoyment.

Featured Work

Please enjoy my fixed media work "The Marvelous Structure of the Existing World," commissioned by Nat Evans for his project "The Tortoise."